Rahkhi is a mysterious Native American shaman who can conjure up mystical spirits from her sacred drum. So far, it is a mystery as to where her tribe is. She roams the land looking to spread peace, happiness, and music. Not to mention, finding the right kind of people to jam with! Krissy is a free-range cowgirl/saloon girl looking for work. Mustering up a trio (band), she leads our heroes on a quest to find a musical gig. It doesn't help that she tends to get drunk. Who knows what this will do to her singing voice!? Cavalier is a skullman cowboy. As shot-gun guitarist he is constantly bickering with Krissy for leadership of their band (especially since she can't seem to keep herself together).
In Chapter 2 and 3, our heroes run into the traveling Wild West Circus presented by Ringo Gringo (the ringleader). Meet the rest of the bunch: Fannie Boakley the original youngest sharpshooter of the West. Shear Luck (AKA Suerte), a knife-throwing harmonica-playin' performer! Haruspex Claire, a mind reader extraordinaire! Last but not least, the conjoined twins from Paris, Mary and Maria. They are joined at the hair (who could THINK to DARE cut them apart)!!