March 23rd, 2011, 3:32 pm

Current events amongst the Darn Tootin' folks

Check out some photos from the show named, The Brass Age: A Steampunk Affair.

Click here for lots of Steampunky pics!

If you missed the opening, there is still a chance to check out the artwork. It will be on display until April 6th, I think. Either way, you have about another week and a half until it's gone!!!

dA Center for Arts Gallery
252 South Main Street
Pomona, CA 91766


I hope y'all are enjoying the tutorials so far. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! :)

Other news: Alejandro and I are working like mad to get done on a project that our studios is working on. Plans to get new issues PRINTED will go forth sometime mid to late April. Expect new comics from Heroes&Bandits and Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete by Gaslight Gathering (May 6-8, 2011)!!!


Please UPDATE YOUR LINKS. I've changed some of my usernames below. Thanks!
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