January 13th, 2011, 5:14 pm

Post ALA

This was a hard convention. I got sick Friday night, and by Saturday, I was a total mess. (WOW I even did somewhere around 3 commissions that day, too)~ Sunday, I was feeling better--I had to drink sooo much ginger. . . .


It was great I got to see a lot of my friends during this convention! Here's a little blurb about a few who stuck out in my mind :)

OMGARZ. Sokirawi, iWizard , and Harusokuze are the BEST company EVAR!!!! I met them through the Anime-Expo group on Deviantart. Last year, the group had a gathering in J-Town, and we all met there and had a lovely time. 8'DDD

Speaking of which! Another fellow who was at the Anime-Expo, came by. I met Mark at Anime Los Angeles as well. A SUPER SHOUTOUT TO MARK!! He was kind enough to make time to stop by the convention and say hi to me and Alejandro :] If you haven't checked out his artwork, you're missing out on some awesome MONSTERS he draws. (The Invocation of Cthulhu, much?)

And chekitout! My new fwend, Cynical Plushie on Deviantart!


All in all, this was another SUCCESSFUL convention. I made small goals and met them, much sooner than expected. I'm excited for the next stop on the Darn Tootin' Tour, which is probably going to be the Gaslight Gathering down in San Diego.

And remember folks,,,

The Dude abides.

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